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Once upon a time, there was a very hard-working and serious excavator whose owner was a worker named Jack.

Every day, Jack takes the excavator to work on the construction site. The excavator likes the busyness and bustle of the construction site very much. It always tries its best to help Jack complete various tasks.

One day, the excavator and Jack came to a new construction site, on which a high-rise building was under construction. The excavator looked at the tall building excitedly and knew that it would play an important role.

Jack directed the excavator to start working, and the excavator quickly put the bucket into the ground, and its bucket was like a huge arm, easily digging the ground. The movement of the excavator is very flexible. It can rotate, move up and down, and accurately dig out the soil. It can not only dig earthwork, but also sand and stones, as well as transport and stack materials. Its bucket can load the excavated earthwork into the truck and transport the stone to the designated place. Although the work of the excavator is hard, it never complains. It always goes all out to complete the task and help the construction workers on the construction site.

With the passage of time, the excavator has become a beautiful scenery on the construction site. People like to watch the busy figure of the excavator and lament its diligence and seriousness.

The story of the excavator tells us that no matter what we do, as long as we do it with our heart, we can bring beautiful changes to the world. Just like an excavator, it contributes its own strength to the construction of a beautiful city. We should learn from excavators, work hard, do our own work with our heart, and contribute to society.

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